February 12, 2014

Half of All PS Vita Games Are Downloaded Digitally

Seems like digital download may be taking over after all with new PS Vita download statistics……….

Sony's marketing Vice President John Koller revealed today that a surprising 48% of PS Vita games are downloaded digitally via the PSN store.

Koller also reaffirmed the rise of digital downloads by stating:
"December was the best sales month we've ever had on the Sony Entertainment Network".
Though 48% is a massive number it seems that a lot of indie games which are only available to download such as OlliOlli, Tiki Rush and Rainbow Moon so the large statistic is most likely due to the large amount of downloads these games receive.

You can also see which loads faster PS Vita Digital Download or Cartridge in a previous article.

Let us know what you prefer in the comments below!



adoduknom said...

That massive PSN sale last month may have helped too lol

bigbudda said...

i have two 32 gb cards for my vita, all games are downloaded.. i like it, i don't have to carry any cases around.

James Cluckey said...

Download only is for noobs. However there are a number of games just not available for physical download. Indies and such mainly. Also when I go to Best Buy they only carry like 8 Vita games. So a lot of places don't even have all the physical games. Also the memory is expensive, and a 32 gb card is not much memory. It gets filled up quick and you're options are buy a new card or delete games. I hate both options. So physical helps save room on the memory card. Plus in the end with physical you have a collection. With digital you have nothing.

Brenden Ryan said...

anyone else think it said half off all psvita digital download games.....

bubby bubbins said...

Me too

steviemw said...

What is the percentage when you take out the ps plus downloads?

Keine said...

Well i would buy a physical copy except that they are $10-20 more expensive than digital...

Ultrapieguy said...

People complain about the price of the memory cards and then they go ahead and buy tons of digital games... We are not going to get anywhere like this.

HassanJamal said...

I've got like 6 physical games and 18 digital games to play. Im ok with this.

Alkaporty said...

Well I can understand the fact that you don't want to bring your PS Vita cartridge everywhere with you, it's so great to have everything into the console. But with 32GB or even 64GB, you have no choice but to delete some of them at some point, so I personally prefer having my case with my cartridges in them, plus they are slightly faster.

Shadowfire2303 said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's been proven that the downloaded versions are marginally faster.

Alkaporty said...

Yeah you're right, my bad, I misread the last post about that subject!

Shadowfire2303 said...

It's alright. :)

Datguy said...

This must be why there's so many people complaining about the pricing of memory cards :/

GreyWolf said...

@keine and thats where they get you..thats where they get you to download games more than buyem from the store...

Guest448 said...

how is downloads exactly a noob-ish thing? some people just prefer that. And yes, some games are digital only. Mainly your Indies, but a few full ones like both Atelier games. soon to be FFX-2 and some others.

then you have your sales. $40 for a new copy of SS or $5 cause of a digital sale, I'll take the sale. tell me how much of a noob I am for SAVING money.

Memory/deleting....yes, filling a 32 is easy, I agree, as is filling the 64GB card I imported, it sucks. But I'm glad that most games NOW are near 3GB in size. I am getting great games delivered to me, unlike back during launch when only like 2 titles even reached 3GB in size, let alone went over to their max size. and as for deleting, I agree, it can suck but I at least have enough space to copy them to my PC before deletion so I don't suffer having to re-download them.

also, you said it yourself, going to a store, you see a small selection, and if you want some of the older titles, you can practically forget it and just go Digital for them. I'm about ready to give up on finding a physical MK game for my vita.

Lord 7 said...

Half of ALL Vita games? ALL? they are like 9 games!!

Brenden Ryan said...

i just would love a full lego game on my vita.. why do i get a 3ds port when thevita can run assassins creed

Matt said...

The whole money argument WOULD be an argument if Sony actually lowered the prices on digital sales. As it turns out, you can buy almost every Vita game from amazon new and cheaper than the digital equivalent.

Xenagos said...

You still have a collection with digital, provided you don't delete those saves/games. They'll always exist on the physical memory card. I mean, it's not like your saving to, or storing in, the cloud, right? As to cost, well, ain't it worth a little extra to know that we'll forever have those great games?

Anonymous said...

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