Gunslugs Review for PS Vita

Chaotic running and gunning makes its way to the PS Vita from mobile land this week...Same frenetic game, now with buttons! …...

Orangepixel Games has created a fun little diversion for you to plow through soldiers, tanks, choppers, and level bosses. Simple graphics allow for some crazy chaotic battles that flow by at 160 fps. You'll often have a screen full of charging enemies ready to stop you from your mission.

What is your mission? Not really sure. That's not the point of the game. I know you travel through 6 different worlds shutting down towers and wiping out soldiers as you progress through a level. Once they are down, your rescue chopper comes to get you and eventually you head up against some massive bosses. It really feels like a taste of the 80s with the gameplay and especially the music. 

One of the massive bosses!
Some fun perks to the simple graphics include a small range of weapons to change to (double guns, flamethrowers, grenades), tanks to hijack, unlockable characters, upgrades from a small cast of humorous characters for some reason inside bunkers throughout the enemy territory. 

But, you'll find the unlockable characters don't really do anything different from each other (except win you trophies). You get to complete challenges (reach 100 points, kill a soldier in the air) which give the game an added bonus to it. Not that these stars you get for them go anywhere. It just makes you want to overcome that challenge for the sake of it. 

So six worlds (randomly generated), two levels per each, bonus world objectives, challenges, leaderboards... that's an awful lot of material for a $2.49 game ($1.99 if you have PS+). 

7/10 A fun challenge for those of you who crave a chaotic adventure. 
You will like this game if you: 
  • like an 80's themed hero soundtrack to your pixel based running and gunning
  • enjoy getting to the tops of leaderboards
  • have a couple of bucks sitting around 

You might not like: 
  • the simple graphics. The block dudes get lost on the screen as you plow through, although the boss fights are a fun challenge. 
Thanks Orangepixel Games, for the review code!

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