Gunslugs EU Code Giveaway for PS Vita!

You've come to get some pixel based 80's themed run and gun style gaming on your Vita? 

Orangepixel announced earlier this month he was bringing this title to the Vita. It is already out for mobile devices, but it seems better suited to the Vita's analog sticks.

What is it? Well, it's a heavily pixellated run and gunner with randomly generated levels, weapon upgrades, boss fights, leaderboards... and I'll have a review up by the end of next week.  

There is no price point yet for the Vita, but let's hope it stays under $5, since Google Play has it at $1.50. 
Yes I can and I just did. 
Want to get a taste of the action before the game releases? Have an EU PS account? Know what President's Day is? Good.

Because I'm going to give the code away on President's Day to that special person who can tell us what President's Day is all about. Or at least what you think it is all about. Comment below!

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