2K Games Has "no update" On BioShock PS Vita

The closure of Irrational Games could most likely be the end of BioShock PS Vita……..

BioShock PS Vita was announced at E3 almost a whopping 3 years ago and since then no solid details have been revealed, a while back Ken Levine (BioShock creator) did say he was working with Sony to begin progress on BioShock PS Vita. However since then we have not received any news.

But the closure of Irrational Games the studio responsible for the BioShock series has seemed to have extinguished the fire that was BioShock PS Vita.

A 2K Games rep told CVG that they have "no update" on the progress of BioShock PS Vita.

The comment above and the closure of Irrational does not mean the demise of BioShock PS Vita, Ken Levine revealed in 2011 that if they find a studio good enough they will most likely outsource BioShock PS Vita.

Let us know if you think BioShock PS Vita will ever happen in the comments below!


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