What Will Playstation Now Do To PS Vita Game Development?

With Playstation Now on the way, what will happen to the future of the Vita?

Vita's library isn't the most extensive on the block. There are some great ones, for sure, and a couple we know on the way for 2014. But will Playstation Now put a nail in all that?

A couple of the highlights out of the CES today in Las Vegas for the future of gaming on the Playstation showed people playing the Last of Us and God of War Ascension on the Vita. 
Ascension on the Vita!
The gameplay looked amazing, and it was pretty cool to see some top PS3 games streaming on the PS Vita. According to the sources on IGN, download speed necessary for the gaming was 5 mbps. Seems reasonable. 

Playing games on new Bravia TVs (without a console...!), and the new Xperia phone from Sony also will have some features that are like things we expected to see on the Vita. According to Forbes, "it doubles as a second screen and remote control for select Playstation 4 games and apps." 

Why buy a Vita, then? Especially when your phone can easily access the internet and the Vita needs a dedicated Wifi spot to access. (unless you have a 3G model.) 

Notice that the PS4 indie games coming out this year have a lot of "PS4/PS Vita" cross buy? Don't Starve for the PS4 may be coming out on the Vita, soon, according to Gamespot.  Ports schmorts. Refer to our article about "Companion Systems" and the dangers of just having the PS Vita being just a "buddy" to the PS4. 

There had better be some new software announcements EXCLUSIVE to the Vita, people, or it will be the companion piece that is just an add-on and not self reliant like it should be. 

What do you think of PS Now and what it means for our Vita? Comment below! 

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