Remote Play Review For PS Vita: Knack

Another round of Remote Play Reviews, this time with Knack!

Knack didn't get a lot of great reviews, in fact Metacritic gave it a 54, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it, especially if you take advantage of some Remote Play and companion app additions. 

Right off the bat, you can see the controls on the Dualshock 4 are tailored for use on the Vita. No use of L2/R2, L3/R3. That makes it an easy shift over to remote play without any need for control remapping, and so you never have to look up somewhere how to do a combo or whatnot, as long as you know how to play on a DS4, you've got it all under control on the Vita. 
The second player can join in the fun on the Vita
Graphically, you're looking at a colorful game with lots of story line breaking up the somewhat repetitive gameplay. The graphics translate nicely over to the Vita and technically you're looking at a great transfer of framerate. 

Throw in another controller while you're playing on the PS4 and big screen, (either a DS4 or remote play controlled Vita) and you've got a two player little game going on. Nice touch! 

The one thing that is addictive about this game is the secrets and the parts/relics upgrades. I played for some hours and didn't get to have any gadget completed, but I always wanted to get the next one. An iOS companion app called "Knack's Quest" is a fun little matching/sliding puzzle game that earns you extra parts and relics as you play. You can upload these to your PS4 and earn in game parts. Great draw in. The one thing that is a missed opportunity? This could've been a great thing to have on the Vita. It is a very rewarding feature to have this companion app

Remote Play Verdict: 
Good. Knack is as easy to play on the big screen as on your little one. 
  • + controls are easy to use on the Vita, set up just like the DS4
  • + graphics and action are just like on the PS4
  • + drop in and play with the second controller/Remote Play
  • - How come Knack's Quest isn't on the Vita?! Missed opportunity!
Have you played this on your Vita yet? Have any other things you want to know about Remote Play for this game? Let us know below!

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