Remote Play Review for PS Vita: Angry Birds Star Wars

In our latest Remote Play Review section on PS4 and PS Vita, I was able to get my hands on Angry Birds Star Wars. (My local library has PS4 games on call... Nice!) Here's how I felt about the game when I put it on Remote Play on my Vita….
For those of you brave enough to drop ~$50 on a much cheaper mobile app, here's the scoop on Remote Play for the game. I'm not going to use this time as a full review for the PS4 game itself. Metacritic scores are WAY low for this one. Mostly bashing the price point and mirror image of the mobile version.

I played the game a little and found nothing different between this and the free version of the game I have on the iPad. The DualShock 4 controls were not great for what should be a touchscreen game... using the touchpad on the Dualshock 4 wasn't a great fit.

The point of this article is to give a review of the Remote Play feature to see if Sony's claims on it are actually founded. Here's what I came up with:

Button Mapping onto the Vita: 
Unlike Assassin's Creed, there was no introductory screen showing what the controls would be. Seems like it is up to the developer how to tell about the controls. Fortunately, the controls were easy enough to figure out as it felt strangely like the game was built for the Vita. The touchscreen worked here to tap the "next" icon, zoom in and out, pull back the birds to fling.... and you could also use the stick and "x" to activate the powers.

Remote Play Appearance and Control: 
A simple game that looks and acts the same as it did on my mobile device. You're not getting any super fast gameplay, rapidly changing textures... you're getting Angry Birds. It doesn't seem like it suffered from any transfer over.

Remote Play Verdict: 
Good transfer. Seems like the developers made a better effort in the Remote Play feature than on the controls for the PS4. 

  • +colors look nice, graphics suffer no lag... for a mobile game on the PS4
  • +controls on the Vita are actually better than on the DS4. More intuitive. 
So the game is good on the Vita, but is it worth your time and money as a PS4 game at $50? If you are a huge Angry Birds fan you'll like this, but unless you are starved for a PS4 launch title (pun intended) you might never see this game in action. Unless it comes to PS+ for the PS4 in the near future...

Let us know your experience with Remote Play in the comments!

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