Vexation Vacation Code to Give Away for PS Vita [Edit: Giveaway over!]

Need a chill game to play on your PS Vita? Got $2 to spend? Go on a little R&R with this mobile distraction. Read more for a chance to win a US code for the game. 

Old school adventure games. What do they bring up in your memories? Highly pixelated? 2D find an item and bring it to where you need it? Every item has a use...somehow? Well, you'll find that and more in this charming little adventure.

Developer Nostatic, responsible for other similar titles, has crafted for you an adventure to find...peace and quiet and a nice spot to read a book on the beach. 

You take a trip to a beach with your family and then there it is. Mom goes off to get wasted. Dad is somewhere. Your little brother tags along and annoys you as much as he can. And you have to explore the shops, boardwalks, and street sides to achieve your goal of... peace. 

You'll run into shopkeepers, video game playing kids, seagulls that poop on people. Real quirky stuff. Sometimes you have to distract people to "get" what you need (that usually involves a bit of theft). 

Graphics are as simple as they get, but the game relies on the quirkiness of the town and your problem solving techniques to entertain you. 

Verdict: If you've got $2 and you like adventure stories and don't expect much in the graphics department, then go ahead and drop it on Vexation Vacation. 

What's more, a lucky comment below will get a free US code. I'll choose one of you by the end of the day on Tuesday the 10th. 

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