The State of the Playstation Vita

The dust is settling from the PS4 launch. The Vita got Killzone Mercenary, Batman, Tearaway and Ys. There are a bunch of indie titles available and more on the way. Memory cards have dropped in price. Sales on Vita systems are everywhere. How are we doing in Vita land?

Earlier this year I asked for your votes on the most looked forward to games of the year. Out of the big selection, Killzone Mercenary was the top. It finally arrived to some great reviews, and we can expect those free map updates soon. 

I've got Mercenary, Rayman Legends(with an update of Invasion levels), and I just won a copy of Tearaway off of @Heyplaystation. I'm a PS+ member, so I have a pretty big backlog of titles like Soul Sacrifice and Oddworld. I also got a copy of Rainbow Moon to help pass the many hours I need to grind levels and crawl dungeons. Basically, I have enough to keep me busy for a chunk of time on the Vita.  

Remote Play (RP) has also been a highly touted subject with the arrival of the PS4. Some say that that function will "save the Vita." I picked up a console at launch time and had some times with the RP. It's good fun and works well in the house for me, but I had some router issues connecting back from out of the house. Still, it is fun to be able to play Resogun on the brilliant little OLED screen. 

Haven't had a chance, but there are "Second Screen" options in games that allow you to see other gaming stuff on the Vita screen as it is running. Watch Dogs has it. Knack has the option to play on the Vita like local co-op. Nice!

Readers on this site agree that RP will help sell Vitas, but we can all agree that there is one thing that will push the Vita into the hands of players everywhere. That, of course, is excellent software specific to the Vita.

The question is, how are you all feeling about the software available for the Vita? The big titles are great, the indies are great, too. Are you happy with the number of big AAA hits versus the indies? Are you happy about the future outlook of the Vita in this respect? 

We've got a bright future on the horizon. Titles like Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush Ultra, Borderlands 2, Hotline Miami 2, and Soul Sacrifice Delta are coming in the next year that are sure to be big Vita hits.  

Where do you stand? Please let us know in the comments if you are pleased with the state of the Vita. If so, why? If not, what do you want?

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