Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God for PS Vita

Mix one part dungeon crawling RPG with ten parts wacky fun, and you get the delectable new title on the menu for the PS Vita... out today on PSN and in stores. 

Sorcery Saga is a story of a quest to save your favorite curry restaurant from the big, bad curry chain that’s just moved into town. In order to do so, Pupuru and her creature friend, Kuu, must travel to find ingredients to make the legendary curry. Along the way, Pupuru meets many interesting and strange people, including the rather forward Gigadis and the mysterious, non-committal Puni.
crafting power ups... in the form of food!
What does it look like? Think super cute characters, turn-based grid attacks, and some really challenging/unforgiving gameplay. Power ups include your ability to create curry "dishes" that will either help or hinder you and your foes.
classic gameplay
Sound wacky? Sure. But that just might be what the system needs. The game is on the US PS Store for $35, and same in stores.

Are you into this kind of game? Let us know below! 

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