Furmins for PS Vita: Review and US Code Giveaway!

Furmins was just released on the PS Store for $6. If you're a fan of physics based Rube Goldberg type puzzle games, you might want to check this out!

Furmins is a game about getting your rolling little dudes into a basket to clear the level. Simple? Well, if you're familiar with puzzle games you know that it's not simple.

There are ramps, trampolines, spring pads, melting ice cubes, falling rocks, conveyor belts, swinging pendulums... All thrown in at a nice and easy learning curve but soon you will notice that getting a level "perfect" becomes a real, well, puzzle.

Controls are all touch based, as you shift different pieces around the beautiful HD screens. You then start the Furmins rollin' and sometimes activate bumpers and belts to get your guys to the exit. Some puzzles will have you scratching your head trying to figure out the best way to do things.
This one is really bugging me...
Levels are scored on getting all your Furmin characters into the basket (1 star), getting to the basket under the time (another star), and finally, being able to get all the candy pieces on the screen (the third star). The cool thing is, you don't have to get all three stars at once. You can go for the time star, then go back and just get all the candies. You keep both stars, even though you don't get them both in one run. This allows for some replay value.
One of the cool Cosmic Adventure levels.
There are multiple worlds (9) with 9 levels in each (a la Angry Birds), and you earn stars to advance to new ones. You can unlock worlds by spending your stars on them. There is a bonus world, called "Cosmic Adventures..." just a new place to do some different types of puzzles. There are 14 trophies and also a leader board for all you score junkies.
Use stars to unlock worlds
8/10 A fun and addictive puzzle game! Fans of this genre will enjoy having this gem on their Vitas. 

You will like this game if you:

  • like puzzle type games with believable physics in it. Gravity works!
  • have $6 to spend. This will get you lots of playtime, and come on, this is just two trips to Starbucks.
  • enjoy colorful graphics, pleasant enough music and sound effects, and a challenge. 

Thanks to Beatshapers and Housemarque for the review code and giveaway!

Let us know below if you want a US code! Winners will be announced on Friday the 20th

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