Flow finds its way to your PS4 and PS Vita this week

Thatgamecompany brings its original PS3 game out to the next gen, and on the Vita! The good news is that it is all cross buy. 

Clear some room if you need it on your Vita because on December 17th you'll be able to play to cool water creature evolution type game. It is $6 (plus a $2 DLC), and Cross-Buy, just like it was with Flower the other week. One price, playable on all systems. And if you already bought it on one system, you've got it already for the others.

Now, Flower had some tricky motion controls on the Vita and the touch screen was a little something to get used to, as well. The Dualshock 4 should work just like the PS3 version with its tilt action to control your creature. 

What do you think? Excited to play this on the Vita or PS4? And do you hope Journey is next on the list?

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