Breakquest Review and US Code Giveaway for PS Vita (codes below)

Beatshapers just gave us some Furmins codes last week, and now they  sent us some Break Quest: Extra Evolution infinite ball codes. Live in the US? Read on!

Break Quest is a fun little game for the PS Vita. It takes the roots of Breakout! and mixes with it the evolution of upgrading and creative level design. What you get is a "mini" type game that is at its core Free to Play... which means you get 33 balls to begin with, and can buy packs of them if you wish... if you want to continue the play.

500 balls is $4, and Infinite Balls are $7. If you're into the tried and true Breakout gameplay, then go ahead and upgrade to the Infinite (or come back here on Christmas Day for the three US code giveaway!)

Yes, this game is a redo of a PS Mini title, but with some redone graphics, and some extra features. 

Beatshapers created 10 boss levels, each serving as a unique mini-game. Boss attacks can have adverse affects on your shuttle, like making it unresponsive, reversing the controls, or even killing the bumpers for a short period of time. Taking down these bosses will require some strategy on your part.

Each boss unlocks a new shuttle, which can be selected from the Shuttle Base menu. In the beginning of BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, you start playing with a basic shuttle, but by defeating bosses you can unlock up to 17 shuttles. The new shuttles comes with activated power-ups: guns, sticky bumpers, rockets, multi-ball, etc. — any of them can help you finish levels faster and get higher scores.

Lots of cool things to unlock, creative screens, classic gameplay. 

Lots of upgrades keeps the simple breakout model fresh and entertaining. The graphics could be a lot nicer for a Vita title, and I was a little upset the balls didn't speed up much. Some people may be turned off by the "Freemium" model, but if you think you might want the game, drop the $7 to get the infinite balls. 

Giveaway: Due to some recent account hacking, we're changing up the giveaway format. Check back on Christmas Day for the three game codes! Here they are!

Good luck to the winners! See you tomorrow back here. 

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