Tearaway Gets Rave Reviews

One of the Vita's biggest hits releases this Friday and is stirring up a lot of positive reviews online. 

According to Metacritic on their games page, Tearaway is receiving an 87 out of 46 reviewers so far. Hear what some of the reviewers have to say about it:

Push Square: 
Tearaway is a handheld masterpiece, and a shining example of how unique hardware features should be handled - a brilliantly crafted gameplay combination that'll keep you glued to the wonderful world that Media Molecule has created. This papercraft adventure is easily one of the best that you'll unfold on Sony's portable system.

9.3/10 (where does that .3 come from?)
Tearaway is unforgettable joy, full of ideas and imagination. The Vita has found its icon at last. 

(no number score, but absolutely glowing)
Tearaway connects you to the game's world in a delightful, fourth-wall-breaking way that also takes great advantage of the Vita platform.

Wonderfully charming, immediately engaging visuals
Succeeds in creating a connection between the real and virtual worlds
Feels like the most natural use of the Vita's input options to date
Customization is simple and fun, and enhances diversity

Looks like there will be a demo on the store when the game releases on the 22nd (at least in the UK store). 

Will you be picking this up? Let us know below!

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