Rayman Legends Patch Coming for PS Vita [Edit]

As promised by Ubisoft back in September, missing levels in the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends are coming!

According to a tweet from the official Rayman account, PS Vita owners of Rayman Legends will only have to wait one more day to get the free patch for the previously missing levels. [Edit: The levels are live now... 28 invasion levels coming!]

Any word on the updated trophies that go with it? Not sure on that, guess we will have to wait until tomorrow when the patch goes live. [The one trophy for the Invasion levels is available with the patch, too!]

If you haven't had a chance to play this fantastic game on any system, you ought to pick it up. And now that the Vita version has the Invasion levels, it could be the best version!

Ready for the invasions? Comment below!

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