PS4 and PS Vita Remote Play... Who is ready to go?

Only a few days left. We at PS Vita Hub want to know what you want to hear about the PS4 when it comes out! Please look at some questions inside…...
News for the Vita has been awfully quiet as of late. Some news here and there about a release coming out soon, the 3.0 firmware update for the Vita... but not much else. So the big questions on every Vita owner's mind who is getting a PS4 are:

"How is remote play going to work?" and "What will the "second screen" function allow me to do?"

We here at PS Vita Hub are more than likely getting a PS4 on launch day. What do you want to know about the PS4 and Vita?

How easy is it to get remote play working? 
Can I really access remote play through someone else's internet connection? 
How seamless is the action when you do connect?
Sound? Graphics? L2, R2, R3, and L3 button switches?
Does the battery drain faster on remote play?

Are these some things you want to know? Anything else?

Let us know in the comment section what you want to hear so that we can have a "Remote Play" section on this website for those of you interested. 

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