Proteus Review for PS Vita and PS3

Game or experience? Read our review below to see if this is something you are interested in

I remember looking at early screens of Proteus and wondering, "What IS this?" and to tell you the truth, after playing the game for awhile I'm not really sure I have the answer.
there it is, waiting for you to explore
Exploration. Imagination. These are two words you are going to want to cling to as you wander the hauntingly interesting randomly generated islands, because little else is going to happen to you on your trip. You (whoever "you" are) wake up near an island and see the pixel heavy graphics in the distance. Now, the colors are great, the fluid changes that occur as animals scoot past, leaves fall, wind blows, rain falls... are all really magical and smooth. 
screenshots don't capture the feeling of watching this unfold
But you're going to have to accept the low res graphics here. Once you can do that, you'll have a better chance at appreciating the experience. 

And the fact that you have no real purpose. Just a couple of directions, a button that makes you sit down, you can touch the screen to activate some stones, you can touch the rear pad of the Vita to affect your surrounds, too. But it is all set up for you to find things on your own, and some may get frustrated, look it up on Youtube, and then miss the experience on your own. 
day turns to night, seasons change... time passes.
I don't want to give away any of those experiences, because it is the magic of certain events that make the game. Looking at the trophy list, too, is not very clear about what you have to do to get them. I wandered around the edge of the whole island to try to unlock one by my own interpretation of the thing, but I didn't get it right. But the experience of me trying to see the island in a new light was worthwhile.
a storm washes over you
The music is another cool thing about the game. The environment changes sounds as you walk around. Flowers make musical tones as you approach, and then hide with other sounds. The rain brings its own melody. Frog-like creatures hop away with another sound. It all brings you closer into the world of Proteus. 


You will like this game if: 
  • you want an experience more than a "game" 
  • you appreciate games like flower and Journey and Noby Noby Boy
  • your imagination is alive and you can make your own meaning in an experience 

You may not like: 
  • the graphical style
  • the $12.50 price tag
  • the lack of direction and level completion you get in most games
Proteus is an adventure into an unknown land, and the experience you have relies heavily on your own interpretation. Thank you, Curve Studios for the chance to review your game. 

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