Castle Storm Review for PS Vita and PS3

Zen Studios catapults yet another title out for the PS Vita and PS3. Read the review inside

Castle Storm is a unique and crazy blend of tower defense and tower destruction! The creators over at Zen Studios created this game out of a childhood past of building and destroying Lego towers, and the action is all it should be.
Beautiful graphics light up the Vita's screen

The single player premise of the game is two warring kingdoms, the Knights and Vikings, and you'll be amassing a worthy army and carefully crafting tactical castles based on the approaching hordes. 

The multiplayer modes add a versus or co-op mix to it all that is equally addicting. 
Pick up and play with a short learning curve. Easy to learn, tough to master!

Controlling the battle in real time, players harness the power of medieval artillery, manage a 
fearsome ground attack, and cast powerful spells. In between the melee and 'pulting, you'll be upgrading your troops, unlocking new spells and warriors, and entering into a castle editor, where those of you who like to strategically place pieces and army upgrades will have a blast. 
One of MANY things you can spend your gold on to upgrade

Old_Poptarts, Josh101 on PS Vita Hub was able to co-review this title. Some of his comments are included here

From the first level I played I was addicted. If you like physics based tower defense games this will be right up your alley. If you have heard of Angry Birds, physics based destruction you should be no stranger to you. Though it handles (much better) due to the physical buttons present on the PS Vita. 
Good luck going for all the gold stars!

The art style is gorgeous on the the Playstation Vita's lovely 5" inch screen and looks brilliant. With a stable frame-rate even though there are multiple enemies and projectiles flying to and fro. I noticed no slowdowns in the action and was able to aim true in the thick of it all.

Among your arsenal of ranged attacks you can also spawn knights, swordsman, archers among others that help keep those filthy Vikings from bursting through your gates and wreaking havoc.
Filthy Vikings! The story is told through colorful animations

There is a unlock and upgrade system that brings an RPG element to the game. Offering upgradeable items galore. You will spend plenty of time leveling up each weapon.

Replay value is in high effect: with different difficulty levels, side bonus missions, unlockables, multiplayer... there is a lot of detail here!
In MP, you have access to the Viking side of things, too

With pick up and play mechanics (familiar inside 10 mins. time), as well as in depth gameplay it is perfect for casuals as well as those looking for challenging yet satisfying defense strategy game. I can see easily spending hours swinging, shooting and defending in Castlestorm Knights vs Vikings. My first foray was 5 hours and I had barely touched what this lovely gem has to offer.
Fun campaign story will have you engaged as you build and destroy
8/10 Great!
A mash up of several gameplay styles leaves Castle Storm feeling fresh and engaging. 

You will like this game if you: 
  • like tower defense strategy and tactical tower destruction games
  • like to unlock multitudes of upgrades, complete extra missions, and reach for the tops of leaderboards
  • play "on-the-go" games. This is a perfect fit for the Vita (review was done exclusively on the Vita)
You may not like: 
  • some long load times
  • the somewhat confusing castle editor 
Thanks to Mel Kirk and the team over at Zen Studios for allowing us to review yet another great game! Keep them coming!

Let us know in the comments if you're going to pick this one up. See you online!

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