Sony's Playstation Sector Makes Small Loss After PS Vita Price Cut

Sony's financial statement reveals that as a result of the PS Vita's price cut along with PS4 R&D Sony's Playstation Sector suffered a loss, more details inside.........
Operating loss of 0.8 billion yen (8 million U.S. dollars) was recorded, compared to operating income of 2.3 billion yen in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. This year-on-year decline was primarily due to the impact of a strategic price reduction for the PlayStation Vita and the unfavorable impact of foreign exchange rates, partially offset by the above-mentioned increase in software unit sales.
Playstation 4's research and development cost Sony quite a bit also:
Operating loss significantly increased year-on-year primarily due to an increase in research and development expenses related to the upcoming introduction of the PlayStation 4 and the impact of a strategic price reduction for the PS Vita.
A much brighter future is predicted for Sony with PS Vita TV selling out almost instantly in Japan
General PS Vita sales were down from the last quarter 1.6 million to 800,000. However Sony enjoyed an increase in software sales 60 million more than the last financial quarter.

With Christmas coming up Sony should see an increase in profit from the Playstation division seeing as PS4 is predicted to sell oodles this year, PS Vita TV has also been making rounds in Japan this year selling out almost instantly.

Let us know what you think of Sony's financial situation and how can they sell more PS Vita's in the comments below!


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