PS Vita 2000 Gets Positive Reviews

Engadget and other gaming sites have all given the PS Vita 2000/Slim praise in almost every area, more details inside.........

Engadget concluded:
The new Vita is better than the last, obviously. We're glad that Sony didn't just stop at making its new device thinner and lighter -- although these revisions are of course appreciated. For many gamers who already have drawers filled with cables, getting rid of the one-use Vita charging cable is a welcome relief.
Though many were worried about the screen Engadget claim that though colours are much more vivid on the older OLED screens
"The new Vita shows more accurate colors, at least while displaying photos and websites."
However its not all good for the LCD screen:
In-game colors appear more washed out and less vivid on the LCD. What's more, when we lay the two devices next to each other, everything on the LCD panel has a slight yellow tinge to it. If you drop the brightness down to the minimum, the LCD loses a lot in viewing angles.

Let us know what you think of the PS Vita 2000/slim in the comments below!


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