Positive Previews for Upcoming Tearaway

Tearaway is coming out for the Vita in less than a month and Kotaku has a preview article. Read more inside

I respect the folks over at Kotaku. They keep a pretty awesome site going on. You can even check out my photoshop contests they have over there under "sciteach." Anyway, Stephen Totilo recently posted some fine words about Media Molecule's upcoming huge Vita title. Here are some things he said about the title:

"...the creativity on display is irresistibly charming and inviting. Players are empowered to decorate Iota and parts of his world by cutting and affixing various virtual paper constructs. And as you explore, you will unlock online directions for cutting and folding real-world papercraft versions of creatures and things in Tearaway’s world."
Some examples of things you can unlock/download

We the players show up in the game’s virtual world to help decorate it, and we are made to feel like Tearaway’s characters step into ours to give some added color, too. It’s like there’s a cultural exchange between our world and a video game land."

It also doesn't hurt that he says "Tearaway is the best thing I've played on the Vita."

Read the full article here

So, somebody has to get Media Molecule to send me a review copy so I can tell you all about this game! 

Are you pre-ordering this game? Looking forward to it? Going to pass? Let us know below!

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