OlliOlli for PS Vita Update

Roll7's side-skater game has received many accolades in the past couple of months. Want to hear more from the developers? Read inside: 

Hello! Tom and John from Roll7 here, we wanted to give you guys an update on OlliOlli progress and give you an insight into one of the four modes of the game!
We're in mega crunch mode (that's a technical term) right now and no-one, has been home since August. However, the end is in sight and the game is almost complete, we're literally putting the finishing touches and polish before we submit to Sony to go through their Europe and US Approval Process!
sweet details!
As the game has developed we have made a number of changes to the four game modes. In Career Mode you'll get 50 Levels (25 Pro and 25 Amateur) across five different stages as well as 250 challenges. Complete ALL those Challenges and RAD Mode awaits you! (More about RAD mode soon) There’s also Daily Grind, a mode in which we open up a small combo section to the world for a 24 hour period. You can practice your run as many times as you want but you only get one go to set a score!

However, we want to go into more detail about Spots mode. Spots mode doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the other modes but its quickly becoming our favorite and we’ve lost more hours in dev time to Spots mode than any other!
There are 50 Spots in total, each of them linked to a level in Career mode. Complete the level in Career to unlock the corresponding Spot.
Spots give you one long combo opportunity and ultimately, its all about scores and leaderboards. There are no challenges, just pull off the most audacious set of tricks you can and time your landing to perfection to get a crazy score and be hailed King of the  Spot (well, until someone beats your score).

The key to getting high scores will be nailing Perfect Grinds, and adding Spins to your tricks. However, we have guarded against people just consistently pulling off the most valuable trick by decreasing the multiplier if you continuously spam the same trick. The key is to vary your tricks and grinds, the more style you have the more you score!
As soon as you hit the ground in Spots Mode, that’s your go over. This places really heavy emphasis on nailing a good landing. You might pull the biggest baddest combo, but if you screw up the final landing, you lose it all! You can replay as many times as you want but you’ll find you’ll need pinpoint accuracy to ensure you get to the end of each spot, and reaching the end of the Spot is essential to keep you in with a chance of being number 1!

The Spots get more elaborate as you progress in the game, wait until you get to Neon or AirBase stage, you’ll be grinding Rockets, Robots and Godzillas! The later Spots will really push your concentration limit, with some of the combos lasting well over a minute and needing you to keep focus until right at the end!
We’ll be reaching out soon with more detail on the other modes and playing mechanics. Thanks for reading.

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