OlliOlli Career Mode Explained

Want to hear more about the upcoming side skater from Roll7? Check out the video inside

On their second preview video on the US Playstation Blog, Roll7 Director Tom Hegarty explains a little about one of the modes on the game: Career Mode.

For those of you who like challenges, this mode is for you. There are five levels, and two challenge layers, Amateur and Pro. There are 5 challenge sets in each mode. When you unlock them all in an amateur mode, you open the Pro mode's challenges. There is an ultimate "Rad" mode that is then unlocked if you do EVERYTHING in career mode. 

Listen to Tom explain in the following video: 

As you can see, the challenges range from scores to reach, combos to make, restrictions on how you clear a level... a more immersing gaming experience for those of you who pick up the game.

What do you think of "career mode?" Let us know in the comments. 

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