Killzone Mercenary Gets 1GB Patch

PS Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary gets it second update, more details inside..........

Killzone: Mercenary has received its second patch which:
  • The other main area of work has been to provide a better distribution of respawn points across all game modes. The intention here is to give a better balance to the multiplayer games.
  • We’ve also addressed the issue that some of you were reporting with load-out slots not being unlocked, in addition to problems with the melee medal (which was always being awarded as a “bronze”).
  • Finally, there are also a number of stability fixes, to address some of the crashes that have been reported.
The patch is a whopping 1GB which will cause problems especially for 4GB owners, it seems like now is a good time for Sony to finally provide cheaper memory cards. However though this is the second patch the older patch will be deleted upon installation, freeing some memory in the process.

Let us know what you think of PS Vita's expensive memory cards in the comments below!


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