Velocity 2X Preview for PS4 and Vita

Futurlab, the developers behind the hit shooter, Velocity Ultra, are releasing a sequel that will pack a punch for the PS4 and Vita. More inside: 

Recently I was lucky enough to play the PS Vita game, Velocity Ultra and was impressed by the spot on controls and awesome action. We gave it a 8/10 (you can read the review here).

Now they've announced "Velocity 2X," that will be out in 2014 and it will mix up the recipe a little bit. If you take a look at the gameplay teaser trailer there are some very cool features. 

The space gameplay looks the same... awesome and action packed. Things I noticed in the teaser were actually some of the issues that I brought up in the review: textures, colors, and backgrounds all seem to be making the game feel more alive. The story seems to be more tangible as well. 

The new gameplay mechanic in the teaser is the "dock" portion. Not much is revealed about this diversion from Ultra, but it is very intriguing. So much to think about, and unfortunately a little bit of time to wait. Still, good things to come in 2014!

Platforming challenges? Bring it on!

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