Make Your Voice Heard for the Playstation!

Did you know that there is a department at Sony Playstation that consults with different studios to bring them to the family? Did you know you could make a difference? Read more inside

In a recent posting on the US Playstation Blog, readers were made known of a new group Third Party Production. The Third Party Relations team at PlayStation develops the relationships across the industry, and the new group, Third Party Productions, will work closely with publishing partners to bring their IPs to some new places.

This brings us to what you can do about it: Gio Corsi, Director, Third Party Production for SCEA asks for what you want to see on PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PS Vita). He even says to contact him on Twitter through @giocorsi with your suggestions. 
This is where you can voice your opinions. What do we want for the Vita? More AAA titles, and not ports, right?

Comment below! Will you tweet him an idea? Write it here and get others to back you up!

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