Vita PS Plus Offerings for September

Here's a look at PS + instant collection offerings for the PS Vita in the US and Europe for the month of September

If you are a PS+ member in the US with a Vita, be prepared to catch up on a couple of classics.

First is GTA, Liberty City Stories:

"There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he’s back and it’s time for things to be put right."

Just in time for Rayman Legends release, you can go back to Rayman Origins later this month. Sure, there are some remastered Origins levels in Legends, but Rayman Origins is a classic for sure, with tons of challenges, bosses, and, of course, Teensies. 

Make sure you take advantage of PS+ with your Vita this month as Machinarium is free, as well! A point/click/move/solve/puzzle adventure game! Don't miss out on its charm.

Eu PS+
European PS+ members will enjoy a couple titles this month on the Vita as well. Urban Trial Freestyle, and New Little King's Story.

Urban Trial Freestyle:
"Grab your motorbike and make your way through levels of varying obstacles as you try to stunt your way through the game! Graphically this game looks superb on the PS Vita screen."

New Little King’s Story:
"Assume the role of 14-year-old King Corobo tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from an invader known only as ‘The Nightmare’. The evil presence is running havoc and the populace lives in fear as it preys on them. Thus, as young King Corobo, the user must unite their subjects in order to fight back and reclaim the kingdom."

Comment below! Are you excited about any of these? 

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