The Future of Party Chat for the Vita...and PS4?

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida tweeted recently about the party chat capabilities of the PS4 and Vita. More inside:

One of the things Playstation fans have constantly requested from the PS3 was cross game chat. Well, the PS4, among other things, has a headset packed in with it in the box, and the promise of cross-game chat was given. Finally.

And let's talk about the Vita. It has a handy cross-game chat with its "party app." It allows you and 7 of your friends to text and voice chat in real time even if they’re playing different games. Cross game chat for the Playstation here and now. 

How big will the party room be for the PS4? That is a strong question, but Mr. Yoshida's tweet response to another question about cross-platform chat was pretty heartening for the future of the Vita:
Not a lot of details, but intriguing

So, cross platform chat? No more details have been released about this function. Will it be on the Vita via remote play? Or is this a new version of the Party App? Whatever the details, it seems like it will be another shot in the Vita's arm for sales. 

While on the subject of voice chat in game, the Vita party app has its own frustrations. To properly use it, you have to set the party up then go into an online game. This is a frustrating situation when I am playing the Killzone Beta and I just want to chat with my team. The game is seriously built around teamwork yet there is no native chat... the "join a party" option in the multiplayer section talks about how to enable the party prior to gameplay and then join the game. Not a very easy system when you just want to chat strategy with some people you joined with. 

"I wish I could tell you the sniper is the other way, but we're not in a party chat."

I'm not really sure why this native chat isn't an option, and makes me wonder what the next stage of PS4/PS Vita cross platform chat will really entail. We will keep you posted on the news when we can get it. 

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