Sweet Fuse: At Your Side coming for PS Vita and PSP

Aksys Games is bringing the love to your Vita and PSP at the end of August. More inside

I read about this game on the US Playstation Blog and I had to sift through it several times before I could get a handle on it. This is a relationship type game, and it tells about:

"the escapades of Saki Infaune, irascible fictional niece of legendary game developer Keiji Inafune as she navigates a deadly theme park and searches for that most elusive of emotions: Love."  

It looks straight up bizarre, as you can see in this following video clip:

There is some strange pig man running the show and you have to make decisions. Ultimately, you will be solving a mystery with decisions allowing branching story lines. And you end up with a different relationship.

Be ready for this on August 27th on the PSN, and later in retail.

What is going on? Did you just watch what I saw in that video? What is going on with that pig? Comments, please!

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