Killzone Mercenary Online Stat Site

Did you know that Killzone Mercenary has its own website for seeing stats from the game? See more inside

The Killzone Mercenary Beta stat page is live. Make sure you check out that link! You can see your own personal stats under "My career" (you need to log in with your PSN id), and also "the community" section which I will describe now.
The main community screen
Understand that the site is geared toward the beta right now, so you can only see a limited amount of things (not all maps are used, career mode is not available, etc). 
My stat screen so far. Don't laugh, please. 

Under the community tab, you can check things like leader boards for the different game modes (just Warzone now). There are also stats for total kills, heatmaps (which show where all the action occurs on different maps... helpful to the developers, and also to the players who may want to avoid those spots...), and also the "Blackjack" section which shows the most used armor, weapons, etc. 
Heatmaps show where the most action is

Check out the page and let us know what you think of it. I think that this will help to build a strong community, and be a helpful tool as well for gamers. 

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