Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Screenshots

A day after the Beta for Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita goes live, screenshots come streaming in. See more inside

Thanks to the posting from our readers on PS Vita Hub... like Maxxrdrgz, ghostshadow and mculver... we have a slew of Killzone: Mercenary pics. (You've got to love the screen shot capture ability of the Vita to get some quality shots)
Detailed control screen

The screen interface looks amazing! A quality First Person Shooter Experience

Slick looking graphics. Guerrilla Games comes shining through

Take that, wall! No, really, just showing the details this game goes to

Different Modes

Immersing environments


I'm anxious to see the map on the HUD in action. The tilt looks effective

Nice clouds... but readers said they don't shift. 


Size 11. Check. 

I didn't get lucky enough to get a code this time around so I can't give my impressions on the gameplay. Hopefully our faithful readers will do so below. 

Comment below if you've tried it out. How are the maps so far? Tight controls? What do you want to know from the readers who have played?

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