Gamescom Boosts the Vita

After trying to keep up with all the Vita news that spilled out of Gamescom this week, I think it safe to assume this will be the year of the Vita. More inside

After the let down for Vita owners at E3, I was trying to remain hopeful about this Gamescom event. I tried not to post too many "get hyped about X" articles before it happened. There was a lot of doubt in your posts that we read on this site about Sony's dedication to its handheld.
But when the Sony press conference hit, there was a definite equal sharing of love for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. 
Sony didn't just focus on remote play. There was other shining news

It was refreshing to hear new stuff about the Vita, and not just a re-hash of old news and upcoming games we already know about. Sure, people are stoked about Killzone: Mercenary next month. The open beta has proven to be a blast for all people involved, and indeed has been a great marketing strategy for the title. But with all the new announcements, I think that the market has just widened for our favorite handheld with not only new titles, but price drops on the console and most appreciated: the memory cards. $199 for the console (with some unique and awesome bundles, too) makes the system that much more accessible. 
About. Frickin. Time. 

Take a look at some of the titles coming out this next year. Not only do we have titles for the hardcore gamer (Borderlands 2 was a big announcement for the system, Hotline Miami 2) but Sony is reaching out to different niche groups with titles like Invizimals and Vita Pets.It seems like the target audience is widening here with support from developers.

 Here is a compiled list of all Vita Indie titles announced at Gamescom (as best as I could find...if I missed any, let me know!)
Shuhei chillin' and controlling the PS4

Age of Zombies (BlitWorks/Halfbrick)
A-Men 2 (Bloober Team)
Assault Android Cactus (Witch Beam)
Avoid Droid (Infinite State Games)
Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse (Revolution Software)
Eufloria HD (Omni Systems)
Fez (Polytron Corporation)
Final Horizon (Eiconic Games)
Flame Over (Laughing Jackal)
Gravity Crash Ultra (Just Add Water)
Gunslugs (Abstraction Games)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital)
Joe Danger 1 (Hello Games)
Joe Danger 2 (Hello Games)
Kick & Fennick (Green Hill Studios)
Minecraft (Mojang)
Murusaki Baby (Ovosonico)
Rogue Legacy (Cellar Door Games)
Samurai Gunn (Teknopants)
Supermagical (Tama Games)
Switch Galaxy Ultra (Atomicom)
Table Top Racing (Ripstone)
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Nicalis)
Volume (Mike Bithell)
Wasteland Kings (Vlambeer)
About. Frickin. Well, you get the idea. 

Now, I tried to make announcements about each individual game, but I haven't been able to do all of it. That is pretty good news for the Vita! And these are just new games in development, not some other Indie titles that were already announced prior to Gamescom. 

What do you want to hear about Remote Play?
And what about those of you who will be also picking up a PS4 this year? I'm getting excited about thinking of devoting a section of this website for Remote Play and what are some great PS4 titles to play "On the go." Do we start including reviews/previews of PS4 games on this site?

So all in all, things are looking up. It was definitely heartening to hear Sony devote more attention to the Vita during the press conference. Gamescom was definitely the boost that the Vita needed to get this next year rolling. 

Comment below with what you thought was the best news to come out of Gamescom this year for the Vita

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