Walking Dead: Season 2 Announced for The Playstation Vita

At Comic-Con this week, TellTale Games announced the Second Season of its award winning game, the Walking Dead. More inside........

We all knew that after the success the Walking Dead video game had last year there would have to be a sequel. In a panel at Comic-Con, TellTale Games confirmed they will release a new game after the "400 Days" episode.

Not much was announced as far as plot lines (I mean, zombies, right?) but that it will have Clementine as a character.

Of course, the biggest news for Vita owners, is that, unlike the first game, there will be a day one release for our handheld console alongside the others. 

No exact release date, but TellTale Games says a fall release. 

Did you play the original game? Have you played it on the Vita? Let us know!

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