Rayman Legends to Include 40 remastered "Origins" Levels

Even more good news about the upcoming Rayman game? Read inside to see what Vita owners have in store!.......
If you have been following the upcoming release of Rayman Legends you know Vita owners are in for a platforming treat.

The producer for the game says “Rayman Legends Vita captures the magic of the other platforms while adding many unique features and fun to the game. Players can use two consoles in local multiplayer, and play all the levels in the game in co-op mode. You can use the zoom feature at any point in the game, which gives you a chance to check out the graphics in more detail or even find some hidden goodies.”

On top of all the added goodies for the Vita version, now all versions of the game have been revealed to have 40 remastered levels from the original "Rayman Origins." This is huge! 

According to Ancel, the game's creator, these levels have been modified "to make sure that players who already knew these levels would still be entertained when playing them." 

Speculation: Part of the reason was to possibly soften the blow to Wii U owners who were delayed their release date. Or to have those owners get a chance to play the Origins game in HD, since no Wii U version was made. Whatever the reason, we only stand to win with this extra goodness. 

Be sure to check out this game on August 30 for a Europe release, and September 3rd for North America.

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