Lego Marvel Superheroes for the PS Vita

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed the official box art design for the forthcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. More inside.........

Box art!
Marvel's newest Lego adventure will be taking place across multiple platforms, including our own, the Playstation Vita, on October 31 this year. They also say the game will be out on the X Box One and PS4. The game boasts over 100 Marvel characters, so all you Lego maniacs who like to unlock all the goodies in games will have fun collecting them all.

For those of you who have played a Lego videogame (and who hasn't) this is sure to offer more of the same solid gameplay. Run around. Bash stuff. Defeat enemies. Find bricks. Unlock goodies. All set in the Marvel universe. Locales include: Stark Tower, a Hydra Base, X mansion...

There is a stark graphical upgrade here. 

Will there be voice acting, like that in Lego Lord of the Rings? Or will it go back to the basics? We will find out soon, October isn't too far away. Just get your $40 ready for the Vita version.

Stay tuned for more news on this. Also, if you are a PS + person and enjoy Lego games, there is no reason you shouldn't have put the $5 down for Lego Batman 2 for the Vita. Go now! The sale is over soon!

So, are you a Lego fanatic? Comment below with your favorite Lego game you played

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