Kung Fu Rabbit Review for PS Vita

Waiting for one of the big Vita titles coming out soon? Need something smaller and cheaper to play? Read inside for the review.........

Sometimes you need a quick game to pick up and play on your Vita. Kung Fu Rabbit is a $5 downloadable platforming game for the Vita that may be worth your time. It releases next week in the PS Stores. (edit)

Run, jump, attack, save rabbits!
The premise of the game is that an alien race has abducted your mini rabbit friends. Your job is to find your way through a level with some platforming techniques that will be tested thoroughly. The only button that gets used is the "x" one. You can swap out controls for the front or rear touch pads, but they take a little getting used to for a jumping game. To attack an enemy, you run into it from the side, or after you get a specific upgrade, bounce on its head. Jumping is a little "floaty" and imprecise at times, but you get used to it.

The graphics and feel to the game is definitely "cute," but the difficulty gets intense (especially on the bonus levels). You'll be going through a level over and over at times because there is no natural checkpoint and when you get hit once, it's back to the beginning for you. (You can purchase "checkpoints). Don't worry too much, the levels aren't that long; just long enough to keep you occupied and tested, and then you move on to the next. 

Each level has a rabbit to rescue at the end, with some collectibles along the way. There are 3 mini carrots to find in each level, as well as a giant carrot. These all reward you with points that can be spent on various upgrades and costumes in between sessions. For those of you who like to get all your upgrades quickly, you can grind back through the levels and get the giant carrots again.

You'll end up going through levels a lot as the difficulty ramps up
There are 3 worlds (with one bonus world) and each one has 20 levels. Worlds and upgrades unlock as you play, but some can be "bought" earlier with carrots if you get impatient. Each world also has an added difficulty level as you finish it, adding to replay value.

The trophy count is limited to 15 bronze and 2 silvers, and to get the top ranked ones you have to solve all levels: no easy feat. They help add to the replay, and for those of you who like to "perfect" levels/games. 

Verdict: All in all, it's an enjoyable mini-platformer. It looks pretty, controls fair, it's quick and portable, it gets difficult enough for a good challenge, it costs about as much as a Starbucks...  

Do you like...?
  • mini platform games
  • a "cute" colorful graphical feel 
  • a fun but ever increasing difficulty challenge
  • perfecting levels
If so, you will enjoy this game. Check it out next week!

Do you think you will drop the bucks to play this? Played it already? Let us know what you think below. 

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