Dragon's Crown: What do you want to know?

I am currently playing a review copy of Dragon's Crown for the PS Vita and the PS3. Do you have questions for me? Read inside for more

One of the big titles for the Vita is coming out soon. August 6th soon. I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the fine folks at Vanillaware and ATLUS, for both the Vita and PS3. I have spent several hours on it so far (I've only had it a day) and my initial impressions were vastly different from what I had expected from it.
It has blown me away. 
My name for all video game characters is always "Ash." The Dwarf, Ash, completely rocks. 

What do you want to know about it? I hope to get enough questions/comments on the PS Vita Hub web page to write up in a preview article. 

Want to know about the characters? I've played them. 
Want to know about the gameplay? I've explored many levels. 
Want to know about the story? I'm already drawn in. 
Want to hear about skills and perks? Ash, the Dwarf already has got some mean tricks. 
Want to know how long you'll be playing it? I'll tell you when I rip my butt off the couch sometime to write for the site. 
Want to know what my new startup screen is for my Vita? The choice of in-game collected artwork is unbelievably tough to choose from, but here it is below...for now. 

I look forward to hearing your questions/comments below so I can write up a preview for what you want to know. Comment away!

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