Dragon's Crown Preview: First Impressions

Read inside for my first impressions on both the PS3 and Vita versions of Dragon's Crown.........

Just recently, ATLUS and Vanillaware provided us with a review copy of the game, Dragon's Crown, and I spent a considerable amount of time with the game so far.
Ash leaving a trail of defeated foes. The dwarf is a rock star

I remember first hearing about this game, and its artwork shocked me a little bit. The overdone caricature style to the characters is way over to top on some, but then some characters looked "normal." It's unfortunate that some people were turned off by this because the game so far is really drawing me in with its story, music, and action.

Some people may be put off by the amount of sexism in the game

PS3 vs. Vita versions:
Even though the game is not cross buy, I have been able to play both PS3 and Vita versions. A lot of readers asked which system has the better version, which has a faster frame rate, better controls, etc.

First off, I play about 90% of the time on my Vita. Sure, the versions are near identical, with a few small menu differences, but the controls for the Vita make it feel like the game was tailor made for it.

Bosses abound

The touchscreen allows for easy to access and control menu and map systems, as well as uncovering the onscreen hidden treasures during adventuring. There are no "gimmicky" controls, as some readers were worried about. Just intuitive feeling ones.

The graphics are lush and fast on both systems. Some things I enjoy about my PS3 version is having a big screen with 1080p resolution... the colors and artwork is just beautiful. Local co-op will be fun with the PS3, not that I've had a chance to try it out. I probably won't play this game with my 6 and 8 year old. I also enjoy playing the game on this version because of my headphones. The music and sounds are EPIC, and a good sound system will make this amazing.

Sound effects and music bring the amazing artwork to life

I wrote to my ATLUS contact and he said the PS3 has 60 fps. When asked about the Vita version, he said he "didn't know." That sounded a bit strange to me. I didn't press him on that and just tried to compare the two versions myself to see if there was any noticeable differences in speed. So far, the only thing I noticed was once (ONCE, mind you) when my Vita screen was full of NPCs casting spells and throwing around attacks and the load of enemies doing the same, there was one little hiccup lag. Would this have also happened on the PS3? I don't know. Edit: I will be keeping an eye on this for the rest of the time until I write a review... I don't think the performance on the Vita is any less than the PS3 at all. 

Franco, the Burninator
Like I said, I spend most of the time playing this on my Vita for its beautiful screen, on the go feel, quick to get a game going and stop if I need to, and the spot on controls.

Join me in my next preview coming soon to hear about the characters and art style. 

Comment below with any questions or concerns. I will gladly answer them for you

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