Cytus Lambda PS Mobile Game for the Vita

Like music rhythm games on the Vita? Familiar with DJMax Technica Tune? Check out this "Free" title and read inside

If you scour the Vita Channel on the PS Store, you might run across the title, "Cytus Lambda" on the Playstation Mobile Section. Anything with 4-5 stars rating there and "free" next to it should encourage you to download it.

First, clear some space on your memory card (it takes a hefty 360 MB for a mobile game...) and set off to explore. 

What comes as a letdown is that you find the "free" version is not the complete version. What you get in this trial/demo mode is a tutorial and 10 songs to tap to. If you enjoy what you play, you can check on the other chapters and purchase the full game for $12, which includes a bunch of extra chapters and songs. 

Here is a run down of the features of the full version:

70+ songs with over 140+ variations
10 exclusive songs for Lambda
Hand-drawn backgrounds
Future chapter updates will be free of charge
Genres include: Pop, Jazz, Trance, Hardcore, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more

So, how does it play? If you're familiar with DJMax Technica Tune, a pop/techno/futuristic song starts playing and you watch the rhythm bar go up and down and you tap on the touchscreen to the beat. You can play each song on easy or hard level. The difficulty amps up with double taps, drags, holds... 

Is it something you should try? Yes. Something you should buy? That is up to your gaming preferences and the following...

Great flashy visuals/eye candy
A wide variety of songs, each with their own visual styles. Chilling with a set of headphones is the way to go.
Quick twitchy gameplay
Difficulty levels
Scoring on each level played gives you replayability

Sometimes having your thumbs over the screen makes it difficult to see what is coming next, it would be nice if the developer made a rear touchpad option. 
There isn't a leaderboard option, which makes competing with your friends nonexistent. 
$12 is hefty for a PSM game for those of you who like trophies

So, are you going to give it a try? Comment below with your thoughts. 

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