Card or Digital Download? What is Your Preference?

When we purchase games for our Vita we have a choice. Which do you make? Read inside for more.......

A new game is coming out and you are weighing the possibilities of picking it up. Do you have enough money in your wallet? Check.

But where do you go? Are you going to stay at home and plug your credit card into the Playstation Store for a digital download? Or try to get to the mall to go sort through the Vita card boxes on the shelves? 

I still like to have the physical copy; something to hold onto and carry around in a case. It has a more lasting feel to it, and will actually stare at you when you don't play the game for awhile. 

A 32GB memory card is almost a $100 in the US
Buying a digital copy is so easy to erase when something new and shiny is there to play, especially when you have limited space on your memory card. Once it is gone, sure you can re-download it, but I know I have forgotten some of the purchases I made already. Of course, if you have a large memory card that certainly helps to keep everything altogether in one place. No carrying around, putting in a new card, etc. 

There is also a speed difference from card to a digital version. Watch the video for Uncharted, Golden Abyss to see how much faster a card runs the game. 

Recently I saw Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on sale for $20 for the PS3 (with cross-buy) and Vita. Is your instinct to buy the PS3 version and redeem the voucher for the game on the Vita, knowing you have a 2 for 1? Or do you just buy the Vita card for the same price? (BTW if you haven't played this game, do so!)

Comment below with how you purchase your games on the Vita and why: 

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