What's under your PS Vita's hood?

It's been over a year since the Vita was released. What have you been playing on yours?

Recently upon writing for the community here on PS Vita Hub, I got some nice comments about how excited people are about their Vitas. I want to thank you for welcoming me to your site.

Some people have very strong opinions about where the Vita appears to be going, what with the Remote Play with PS4 and the push for Indie titles on the PS Store. Some want to see more AAA titles announced.

With this post I hope to hear about:
1. What your first game on the Vita was
2. What your favorite game to play on the Vita was (or is)
3. What you're playing the most now
4. What actual game you're looking forward to playing

So, let's get the comment section filled up, I'd like to do a little poll on some of these things and follow up with an article.

I'll start with me:
1. Call of Duty Declassified
2. Sound Shapes
3. Sound Shapes
4. Rayman: Legends

Comment below with your list!

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