The Results from the PS Vita Poll are In

Over 100 people sent in their PS Vita games they've played and are playing, rated the highest, and look forward to the most. Results inside!

Well, if there's one thing I learned from scanning the comments here at PS Vita Hub, is that there is a ton of variety in games people have played and what they respect. Made me happier about the Vita and its library. both present and future!

I thought I would be sorting through a few top gun titles, but I ended up cramming titles in to the edges of my notebook. 

So, to refresh your memory, I had people write down:

1. Their first Vita game
2. Their all-time favorite
3. What they're playing now
4. What they look forward to the most on the Vita

The results: 

The first game people played on their Vita:
For the very first title people played on their Vita there was no question. Out of the 30+ titles people started with, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was the front runner.
Who WASN'T  excited about this as a launch title?

Peoples' All Time Favorite Title:
Out of the 24 titles people picked as their favorites, three games rose to the top. They were all close, and so I'm naming them here. 
First place: 
Gravity Rush!

Second place: 
Persona 4: Golden!

Third place: 
Soul Sacrifice!

Peoples' current title they are playing:
Out of the 25+ different titles people listed here, Soul Sacrifice showed up as the one people are dropping the most hours on presently. Do I need to post another picture? Sure, why not. 
I want to thank you all for having me here tonight...
And finally...
The title people are looking forward to the most:
Out of the 15 different titles people are excited about...

Killzone Mercenary will be taking home this award by a long shot. 
Remember the hour you spent on Playstation Home to get your Killzone Beta code?  Umm, we sort of lost the code. Sorry. 

Thank you everybody who participated. More comments popped up than I've ever seen on our site here. There is a lot of variety in our community and I had a fun time reading through your lists. 

I think this is a refreshing look at a vibrant PS Vita group. I look forward to seeking out news for you all in the coming year. 

Comment below with any remarks about the poll!  

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