Sony Exec Confirms PS Vita's "Big Amazing" Title "Won’t be announced for a while."

A while ago Sony Executive Shahid Kamal teased a massive AAA title for the PS Vita however with no reveal at E3 many doubted its existence, more details inside........

Our original article took note of a tweet by one of Playstation's Executives Shahid Kamal which stated:
Oh and there is an AMAZING big title coming to Vita. I can’t tell you anything about it, except that you are gonna be hooked for hours.
Shahid also hinted that the game will be revealed during Sony's E3 media briefing however their presentation literally contained no new AAA PS Vita game announcements (excluding Walking Dead which was already announced)

Many (especially you readers) were very disappointed with Sony's lack of Playstation Vita support and took to Twitter to ask Shahid Kamal what happened to the massive game which we will be "hooked on for hours"

When a user asked Shahid whether we will see the highly anticipated title at E3 he proceeded to drop the bomb with:
Nope. Won’t be announced for a while.
This confirms that we will not see this AAA title for quite a while unless some major changes are formulated.

We are aware that many of you guys are grief stricken over PS Vita's E3 support however remember that E3 is not over yet and Sony could have reserved E3 for the PS4 and perhaps Gamescom will welcome some new PS Vita announcements.

Remember to stick with us for EVERY SINGLE PS Vita E3 2013 announcement.

Let us know what you think of PS Vita's E3 support and will this massive AAA title actually save the PS Vita? Post in the comments below!


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