Resident Evil Outbreak: Tall Oaks Leaked For PS Vita?

Has Capcom let its exclusive Resident Evil title for the PS Vita slip out before E3? apparent cover art and game details inside.........

A polish PS Vita website has apparently leaked Resident Evil Outbreak: Tall Oaks for the Playstation Vita, the image below is the apparent box art:

The website also have details regarding the leak however due to translation issues most details are difficult to understand.

The site states that:
  • Resident Evil Outbreak: Tall Oaks is exclusive to the Playstation Vita
  • 1-4 player co-op campaign
  • 8 new playable characters
  • 6 scenarios? or game modes (difficult to translate)
  • Local and Wi-Fi co-op
  • Will be available November time
Our verdict is that this entire escapade is fake due to the fact that the cover art looks a bit sketchy, and the name makes no real sense and seems like its translated directly from Polish to English. The giant watermark in the bottom right corner screams "fake"

However in the end this could be real however we really really really doubt it.

Let us know what you think of Resident Evil Outbreak Tall Oaks in the comments below!


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