PS Vita to Remote Play to your PS4 through Internet

One of the big questions about the PS Vita and PS4 remote play connectivity was specifically how it would happen... Answers inside
Remote play is a big selling point for consumers. No doubt about it. The ability to play your shiny PS4 games on your Vita in another room or another building is a huge plus.

But the question of how the connection is made was a mystery. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, in a tweet response, pretty much sums it up: 

It depends on your internet quality. So not only a local wi-fi connection, but a connection through the internet. So, when you want to play Second Son at school or at the office, make sure it has a good internet connection. 

Worried about the issues around massive amounts of video processing needed to stream all that cool data to your Vita? NP. The PS4 has a built in video encoder to handle it. 

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