Malicious Rebirth coming to PS Vita

A new title for the PS Vita was announced for US release today: Malicious Rebirth. Read more inside...

Good news for fans of the PS3 fast action game, Malicious. Later this year on the PSN, a PS Vita follow up to the original will be available for download.
Some game details as read through the US PS Blog:

You will be summoned by the prophets once again to take control of the “Spirit Vessel” in full 3D. You’ll be forced to rise to the challenge in order to bring peace back to the Kingdom; the character and stage you select is entirely up to you. You can jump right into epic boss battles in any order, but remember that bosses in later stages become much more challenging.

This is an expanded port of the PS3 version with extra levels and bosses and powers to acquire. It has been available in Japan since late 2012. 

Have you played the original? Looking forward to the Vita version? Let us know below!

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