Every single Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Map Revealed

Updates on the multiplayer modes and maps through the official Killzone site? Bring it on!

The Official Killzone Website has updated the specs on the multiplayer portion of their PS Vita title, Killzone Mercenary.

The multiplayer portion of the game features a full-fledged online experience. The game will support up to eight players and three different game modes across six maps featuring key events from the Killzone universe.

So far, the game modes include standard free-for-all and team deathmatch segments, as well as one called "Warzone." Here, two factions face off in five different missions. Each mission features its own rules and objectives that rely on teamwork, strategy and tactical play.

The maps include the following:

A run-down fishing village clings to the lowest cliffs of an active smoker stack; the weathered terrain shows evidence of the heavy industry taking place above.

Bolted to the vertical cliffs of a Constantine smoker stack, this vertiginous multi-tiered market and entertainment district is at the heart of this industrial area. Beware the seedy back alleys, as danger could lurk around any one of the dimly lit corners.

Sitting astride the open top of a dormant smoker stack, this enormous Arc Cannon is constantly scanning the atmosphere for targets, firing bursts of deadly energy at enemy vessels in orbit. Simultaneously, a ground battle rages in and around the superstructure of the cannon, the engagement intensified by the blinding flash and thunderous blast of the cannon bringing down another enemy warship.
Refinery, Skyline, and Inlet

The refinery is where raw harvested Petrusite undergoes the process to refine it into usable fuel. The facility interior is divided into a number of different areas for room-to-room close quarters combat, while the exposed exterior courtyard is a hotspot for long-range fire fights.

Skyline:The Vektan Halls of Justice suffered heavy damage during the Helghast invasion; the top floors of the building in particular sustained extensive destruction. Now a desperate fight for control of the building rages within the ruins of the top floor library and the lower floor offices, with collapsed floors and gaping holes creating shortcuts and hazards in equal proportions.

The Corinth River provides the epicentre for the ISA’s invasion of Helgan – the beach area around the jetties and sluice gates being just the latest area to see action. The terrain is pockmarked with craters, trenches and discarded cargo creating a feeling of being in the middle of “no-man’s land”. A partially destroyed road bridge spans the battle area giving an advantageous but exposed elevated position from which to survey the battle zone.

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