Ascent of Kings for PS Vita: The Review

The Playstation Mobile App Store has a variety of quick and easy to get into games... is this cute adventure tale worth your $1?
Sometimes you just need a quick game to play; something you'd sit down on the bus and play to pass the time of the ride. And maybe one of those times, you'd like a little platforming adventure game. Well, that game would be "Ascent of Kings."

The premise of the game is that your older brothers are sent off on a quest to become a king, and you are left at home because you are too young. What follows, is your path to also be included in this tale and your ascent to the throne. Not that there is much exposition... the 2D graphics aren't taxing your Vita's engine as the story happens and you jump around going on mini quests and seeking out the throne.

Don't let the simple graphics fool you: beneath the surface of this cute appearing game lies a fun adventure with clever and sometime devious platforming. I'm actually stuck at one particular point where timing and twitch fingers are needed to get past. I'm not sure though, but there may be a skill I need to come back to this point later.

The controls are easy to learn: your left stick or D-pad for controls (responsive and tight), a jump button, an attack button (which you receive later in the game) and a stomp move (also an upgrade). Upgrades are found from your fallen brothers (they had special tools to get them through... like boots for double jumping, gloves for climbing, and a slingshot).

Also, there are scattered shrines around the maps that you will be hunting down to give you special powers (the aforementioned stomp move included).

You will notice you get through the main quest line pretty quickly (an hour or two) but at that point, only 3/4 of the map is exposed. This extends the replay and makes you want to explore the environments to get all the shrines.

This is a $1 game on the PSM storefront. You shouldn't be expecting greatness that will keep you playing your Vita for hours and hours and sharing the graphical beauty with your friends. You won't be trophy hunting: as with other mobile games this has none. It has no touch controls and it is not a Vita exclusive.

That being said: If you like 2D platforming games that call on your twitch skills and your want to upgrade and find all hidden shrines, then there is no harm in plunking down $1 and playing this game.

Based on all these features: for a Mobile game, the price, the fun of the platforming, the adventure aspect,

I would rate this 8/10. 

Keep in mind, the scale used to rate this game is not the same as I would use for big name releases.

Do you play PS Mobile games? Would you pop down $1 to play this title? Let us know!

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