Sony Japan Teases "Panopticon" With Trailer and Screenshots

With more lens flares than J.J. Abram’s newest movie opening this week, Panopticon is introduced, more details inside..........

The full reveal will be on May 21st. But here’s what we can tell from the trailer: This is a multiplayer robot monster battling campaign set in the dystopian future. It appears that everyone has a timer on their life, and a lot of superbad giant monsters to contend with. I looked up the word “Panopticon” and found out it means a little something about “all seeing.” Seems like the locals aren’t happy with the guys in the big eye getup.

Could this be the “AMAZING” title for the Vita spoken of recently? Or is it another PS4 reveal? Or both?

With high glossy action, teamwork, giant robot dragons crushing cities… you can count me in for the action. Panopticon!

Let us know what you think of Panopticon in the comments below!


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