Save Lives With PSVitaHub! And Win Free Stuff!

Instead of buying that new PS Vita game why not donate the money to people who actually need it? And win the game from us instead? DONATE TO PS Vita RELIEF!!, more details inside..........

Many of us have no idea what it's like to be thirsty. We have plenty of water to drink -- even the water in our toilets is clean!

But many people around the world don’t have that luxury. Every day, 5,000 kids die from water-related illnesses before they reach their fifth birthday. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We spend hundreds on video games. Many of our visitors have spent $200+ on a Playstation Vita and games.

So we propose that instead of purchasing that brand new PS Vita game you have been eyeing, instead donate that money to a better cause.

Since we are quite a popular website we think its finally time we did something for the greater good, so we have begun this awesome campaign in order to prove that gamers are an amazing group of people. Who can use our audience to help the innocent.

So with the help of we hope we can achieve our goal and raise $1,000 in order to provide water to those who aren't lucky enough to have a supply.

Knowing you did something to help the lives of the innocent is much better than getting a high score on a video game.

So please donate what you can. Even the small donations make a huge difference.

Remember that even $1 donation will help, so donate whatever you can be it $5 $10 or $100.

If every single one of our visitors donates just a single dollar we would have already met our target. So donate now!

The champion who donates the most amount of money will be receiving A:

  • Free copy of Zombie Tycoon 2 for your PS Vita
  • A free premium Dbrand PS Vita skin
  • A early download code for Draw Slasher for your PS Vita.

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